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7 Ways People Earn Money Through Blogging

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You must have heard about blogging and how so many people are making a decent wage, sitting at home and blogging. But how do people earn money through blogging?

7 Ways People Earn Money Through Blogging

When we think of blogging, we imagine writing articles. Though writing is a big part of blogging, if you want to make money through your blog, you have to treat it like a business. And when you think of a blog as your business, there are many ways you can make money through blogging:

Sell Products or Services

What do you blog about? Is there any product or service linked to the topic that you can sell? Think of your target readers. Is there something missing from their lives? Create your product or service around that.

For example, if you blog about arts and crafts, you can write your own craft book and sell it on your blog. You could even sell craft subscription boxes.

If you plan on selling products and services on your blog, you need to install WooCommerce. Plan your distribution channels. We recommend keeping it simple in the beginning otherwise you might not be able to continue or scale it later on.

Affiliate Marketing

Many companies pay bloggers and influencers commission for selling their products and services. One common example is Amazon. You can sell their products by placing links on your blog post or putting up banners on your website. Other than Amazon, you will find many other affiliate programs. Start with a google search. Also, check out if your favorite brands or shops have any affiliate programs.

When choosing an affiliate marketing program, go with a program that works well in your region. Local affiliate channels are always better. You should also check their cookie length and commission percentage. For instance, Amazon usually offers you a commission of 5%. There are others that are offering as much as 30% in commission.

Cookie length is also something you should take into account. Cookie length refers to the amount of time the company gives you to convince your viewer to buy the product. For example, you put an affiliate link on a learning toy. Most customers when they click on the product won’t probably buy it in the first go. They might come back in a day or two to actually buy the purchase. So cookie length is the time your company gives your customer to buy the product for you to get your commission.

For instance, the cookie length for the learning toy is 30 days. If your viewer buys the product within 30 days of visiting the product through your link, you get the commission. Otherwise, you don’t.

Membership Site

Membership sites are also becoming quite popular. You can write a separate section in your blog for premium members. Members get access to exclusive content and news. Kayla from Ivory Mix has a membership site where members can download free photos.

Online Courses

Have a skill? Why not teach it? For instance, VA coach, Abbey Lynn has a site where she sells her VA Bootcamp course. You can register with her to learn the ropes of the freelance business.

Similarly, we offer blogging courses where you can learn all sorts of skills, tips, and tricks to make a living from your blog.

Some examples of other courses you can sell online are language courses, special skills, digital courses, or even teaching courses. Creating an online course might seem tricky, but websites like Teachable make the process so much easier.

Display Ads

Display Ads won’t make you a lot of money. Display ads are basically banners put on your website. When your site viewers click on these banners, your advertising partner pays you a small amount. Google Adsense is usually the most preferred choice for bloggers for display ads. Other websites you can sign up with are,, and Chitika.

When it comes to displaying ads, many seasoned bloggers often shy away from it. That’s because it gives your blog a spammy look. If you want to make your blogging money through display ads, make sure you don’t overdo the ads. Place them strategically on your website.

Sponsored Content

You can also make money by writing sponsored posts on your blog. This usually happens when you have high viewership. You can then approach companies and offer to write a review for them in exchange for their products or for money. Most small brands usually offer products in return for the post while bigger brands are willing to pay money. How much money you make from writing the content depends on your blog viewership. If you are planning to explore this avenue, we recommend you create your media kit.

A media kit will give your company a brief description of what your blog is about. Remember to include figures and statistics about your blog viewership and followers.

There’s a lot of money to be made through blogging. But it won’t happen overnight. It will require consistent work on the blog. Start with just one of the above methods and later you can try out more to see which one works for you the best.

If you are truly serious about making money through blogging, we recommend you approach it professionally. Invest in a good blog theme. Remember all businesses require some form of investment in the beginning. It’s the same with blogging.