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3 Side Gigs You Can Do Now to Earn Money

side gigs you can do now to earn money.

There are a lot of people who are earning a part-time income, even more, doing what they love as a side gig. You probably already know a few of them which is why you’re currently researching side gigs you can do now to earn money.

The internet has made it possible to earn money cooking, creating crafts, or even helping others make the right fashion choices. However, you need a lot of passion, and a good amount of skill to actualize your side gig into an earning.

3 Side Gigs You Can Do Now to Earn Money

Here are three side gigs you can do now to earn money:

Sell Your Work

There are bloggers looking for those who will create recipes and crafts for them to sell on their blogs. You will not get credit for your work, but it’s a good way to start.

Start by creating some of the favorite recipes and taking pictures of the entire process. Once you’re finished, take pictures of the final product with good lighting, angles, and props. Take three to five pictures of the same dish or craft for a variety of themed photos of the same product.

Once all your content is in order, you can directly contact food or craft bloggers or join content Facebook groups to start making money. There are two ways you can go about selling your work: exclusive or semi-exclusive.

With exclusive selling, you only sell to one blogger. You can price your work anywhere between $100-250 dollars depending on the quality of the work.

With semi-exclusive, you sell the work to multiple bloggers. This means the final product is the same but you are selling each “themed” photo set individually. The in-process pictures are usually the same. Semi-exclusives are priced a little differently from $15-50 per set.

Sell Finished Products

You can also sell the finished products online. Sell your crafts and food. Create a website. For crafts, you can create an Etsy profile. You can also use Shopify to create your e-commerce website. Even a Facebook page is a good place to start, promote, and advertise your craft until you have the funds to do more.

Start a blog

It might seem like everyone has a blog these days, but there’s big potential when it comes to earning money through a blog.

Some ways you can be earning money through your blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing – Make money through commissions when you promote and sell products.
  • Sell products and services – You could be selling your products and services through your blog. Create a Woo-Commerce page on your blog and direct your readers to the page and specific products from your blog posts.
  • Sell a course – You could also be earning money training your viewers. This is something like tuitions, only you don’t have to be present for every class. Prerecord your entire course and start selling your course. There are websites that offer great support to create courses. Check out
  • Influencer Marketing. Once you are able to get a good number of regular readers to your blog, you can also approach brands to promote their products. Start off with smaller brands initially. You could signup with PR companies in your region to let them know you are available for reviewing and promoting products on your blog.
  • Selling Ad Space. You can put up ads on your blog. Ads make you money when your readers click on the ads and visited the advertised website. Start by signing up with Google Adsense. Consider putting up 2-3 ads at different places on your website. Some places you can put up ads are at the top of the banner, on the ride-side menu, in the footer, and also within your blog posts.

If you are planning on starting a blog, decide on a specific niche. That can be your hobby. Think of something you are good at, and passionate about. This could be reading, and you can write book reviews on your blog. Some other niche blogging topics:

  • Motherhood
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Debt Management

You can blog about everything and anything. Start with a niche topic and offer useful, actionable advice to your reader. And once you are able to build your authority, there are so many ways you can be earning money. You can use all the above methods together to earn money through blogging.

Network Marketing

If you love skincare, wellness or health product, or even if you love traveling, you can earn money promoting a specific brand.

That is network marketing and typically one of the first side gigs people try out to earn money.

Network marketing is a little like affiliate marketing but in network marketing, you also earn money when you add new members to your team.

With network marketing, you get all the training to promote and sell the products. Look for profitable network marketing companies that offer good support and training.

These are 3 easy side gigs you can do now to earn money but there are many more out there. What have you tried previously?

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